MA Art and Science, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London  (2014 – Present)

Dissertation: Does the body shape visual perception? Perspectives on embodied cognition and art

BSc Neuroscience, University of Bristol, 2:1 (2009 – 2012)

Modules including: Synaptic Plasticity, Brain and Behaviour, Learning and Memory.

Dissertation: Effect of 5HT-4 receptor modulation on the Mossy Fibre pathway in the Hippocampus.


Mind Matter


You’re the reason our kids are ugly

Black Box


MA Interim Show Committee, Central Saint Martins (2015)

Project Assistant, Invisible Dust, part-time(June 2014 – August 2015)                                                   

Learning Intern, At-Bristol Science Centre (April – July 2013)

Anatomical Scientist, Workshop leader Einstein’s Garden (August 2011 and 2012)

Administrative Assistant, The Studio (June – September 2012)

Anatomical Science Student Representative, University of Bristol (Septemeber 2010 – June 2011)