My practice explores perception, our environment and the materiality of the everyday. I work across a range of different mediums including printmaking, installation, textiles and photography. 

Influenced by my background in neuroscience I am interested in themes of light and perception, embodied cognition, our relationship with the environment, and participatory art. 

I am currently looking into ways of building a sustainable art practice. This begins with the materials I use and where they are sourced from, how the work will be used and where it will end up. My interest in sustainability also extends to ideas of legacy and the wider environmental impact of continued production. 

I graduated from the MA Art and Science at Central Saint Martins in 2016, and hold a BSc in Neuroscience from the University of Bristol.


2022 – RUMMAGE, Art Hub Studios, London UK
2022 – 20:20 Print Exchange, London UK
2022 – Roling Boll, Art Hub Studios, London UK
2021 – 20:20 Print Exchange, London UK
2020 – First Wave, Art Hub Studios, London UK
2020 – The Angel Azrail, Film Screening, BetonSalon, Paris, France
2020 – 20:20 Print Exchange, UK
2018 – Every Me, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 – Every Me, London UK
2017 – Every Me Art Residency,  Adana, Turkey
2016 – Tracing Wastelands, The Depot, London UK
2016 – Do, Undo, Redo, CSM Degree Show, London UK
2015 – Print/4, Arcane Gallery, London UK
2015 – Mind Matter, MA Art and Science Open Studio, London UK
2015 – You’re the reason our kids are ugly, MA Interim Show, London UK
2014 – Black Box, MA Art and Science Open Studio, London UK